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Based on some comments and a few posts from Wolfgang (starting here) I tried to pick up a few tips and adapt them to the way I shoot and mess with the results (referred to more formally as "the process"). In particular I switched the E-PL1 from sRGB to AdobeRGB. I know what I've read that there's little to no difference between the two, and that some colors (reds and blues interestingly) can get washed out converting from AdobeRGB. Whatever. I just know that I appear to be getting a better range of mid-tones, and in particular, I'm getting the black blacks I want and first saw in Ming Thein's review of the E-M5. My "process" is to do some slight desaturation of the highlights, tweak the sharpening, maybe do some trimming (like the 1:1 image in the middle), then finish processing in Silver Efex Pro 2. Now, more than ever, I'm either selecting underexpose or low key 1 to start and tweaking that as needed.

I've also gone back to using the M.Zuiko 17mm again. While the top was taken with the Panasonic 20mm, the last two were taken with the M.Zuiko 17mm. Call me stubborn, fickle, or worse. Under the right circumstances I love that little lens, especially on the E-PL1.
Texture Experiment 2
Texture Experiment 1


  1. Very nice Bill - oh, and those blacks are gorgeous! While you can easily overdo the 'effect' at daylight (there's a point when it just doesn't look 'natural' anymore, same like with HDR (which would be the opposite in a way)), with artificial light you can do pretty much anything you want, and make great use of it. That last image of yours here has it all - very good composition, strong graphical 'lines' (more curves), and very nice light. You have a good eye for this, Bill - bravo!

    1. You're welcome Bill. And regarding those washed-out colors: I've posted another article (about lenses this time) in which I used both Mitchie's and my camera - hers set to sRGB, mine to AdobeRGB. Then I took the same teddy bear with her 45mm on hers, and her 20mm on my camera. And yes, there are differences for instance in the reds - but I'm not sure which one I'd like better. Sometimes I think those Olympus reds are a bit over pronounced, so it could be that using the AdobeRGB color space gives me that last missing bit of quality, especially when using flashes (have to try that later). If you don't mind the link, my article is at http://wolfgang.lonien.de/2012/06/two-lenses-to-have/


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