June is here

Out with my wife for supper, I happened to pass by this small rose bush. Nothing special about the bush or the roses, but the combination of an OM 50mm on an E-PL1 with the available evening light produced an image that is, to my eye, more painting than photograph. This came out of the camera as you see it, with nothing more than Lightroom 4.1's standard conversion from Raw to JPEG.

Before supper some pretty heavy thunderstorms had rolled through the area. By the time we went out for supper, around 7pm, the light was soft and the air was fresh and cool. It was a perfect time to just get out.

I have spent a fair amount of time with the E-PL1 up to this point, and I have to say that it is the most practical digital camera for the money I've ever used. Set it up and it gets out of your way. I run it on aperture priority and a fixed ISO most of the time. I run it through Lightroom because I like to see the image far larger than what I can see on the back of the camera, but I do less fiddling with the E-PL1's photos than I do with any other Olympus digital camera, except the E-1. Isn't that funny.


  1. E-PL1 practical? Absolutely! I've been keeping in the car for distance driving and had to do some product defect shots yesterday to send to a manufacturer I'm doing some work with. I used the E-Pl1 and the 17mm 2.8. The shots came out great and showed everything the needed to show. The greater DOF due to the small sensor was an advantage here.


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