Home Again via Tallahassee

Scenic Tallahassee

It's been a crazy week, what with me traveling up to Columbus Georgia and Ft. Benning, then traveling back again. The way up I took I-75 most of the way, turning west at Cordele on I-75. On the way back I went south towards Albany and then took 300 the rest of the way to Thomasville, then south down 319 into Tallahassee. I wanted to drop by and say hello to #2 daughter before turning down I-10 and south down I-75. As it turned out, I could have shaved about a half hour off the trip if I'd taken the non-intuitive route from I-75 to I-10 and then turned immediately north on 300 through Thomasville and Albany to Columbus. I'll do this in the future. Or maybe Tifton. But never, ever again Cordele.

The Brogan

The Mary Brogan Museum of Art and Science is located on the Kleman Plaza in downtown Tallahassee. My daughter just got a job there and I wanted to pop in real fast and at least say hello. It appears the wife and I were able to do this without embarrassing her too much. If we had had the time we both would have taken in the Titanic exhibit which had just opened. It'll be there until January 2nd so I can head back up later this year and take it in before it's gone.

In the Hole 2In the Hole
In the Hole 2In the Hole

We parked underneath the Kleman Plaza. On the way up from the second level (there are six) I happened to look up through the access and managed to fire off a few shots.

Lit Exit

So what's this with a light and an exit sign, you ask? I'm trying to riff off of Mathew Robertson's 5k series, some of which have signs (calligraphy) and some of which have lights. I saw the two and decided, "why not?"

More to come as I decompress and look at all I took earlier this week. And more ruminations on using Olympus camera equipment, and why the Pen might be mightier than the DSLR.


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