A Day in my So-called Life



People keep saying that the best photos should tell a story. OK. Here's a collection you can follow from top to bottom, that shows little vignettes as I was heading home from the office. I won't add words. You can imagine what it might all mean. Or not.

P.S. Yes, that is Milla Jovovich looking up at you, the way she looked up at me while she was shilling for some beauty product in a bottle.

Everything taken with my Android-based smartphone. Five tiny megapixels. Everything post-processed on the smarphone.

I found this via TOP, and for some odd reason it fits into my attitude towards overly expensive camera gear. From anybody. And you thought the Nikon 1 was a joke. At least it doesn't cost $8,000.

I need to call Ken Rockwell. I think he's on to something...


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