Dead Perkins by the side of the road

It's happened again. Another restaurant on University Blvd next to the University of Central Florida has kicked the bucket. By my informal estimate this makes about half the restaurants along the stretch of road between the entrance to UCF and Rouse Road that have died since I started keeping track around January 2009.

Dead Perkins
It's dead, Jim

It isn't as if this is the only Perkins in the area. There's a sign posted on the main entrance directing former patrons to their closest location.

We Regret - Dead Perkins Notice

The referenced location is due west on University Blvd at the intersection of University and Forsyth near Full Sail University, right before University dead-ends into Semoran Blvd (SR 436). That's a bit of a haul if you're in need of a Perkins fix.

Perkins across the street from IHop
Perkins in happier times - August 2010

This particular Perkins had been around for a while. The photo above was taken a year ago when the new IHOP opened up across the street. At that point Perkins started pushing their breakfast menu, with various specials every week for several months. Perkins always seemed to have a full parking lot, and plenty of traffic into and out of the restaurant. I never ate there, as I never preferred anything that Perkins served.

Krispy Kreme fully transformed into IHop
Newly opened IHOP - August 2010

I've heard that the IHOP across the street helped with the Perkins' demise. If true, what's grimly humorous about that is the IHOP itself; it was built where the former Krispy Kreme once stood. Why is that funny? Because the Krispy Kreme was supposedly done in by the Perkins.

Krispy Kreme UCF 3
Dead Krispy Kreme, future IHOP - January 2009

Life's a bit funny that way.


Everything taken with Olympus equipment. The top two (latest) photos were taken with the E-1 and the Zuiko Digital 12-60mm. The next two photos were taken with the E-P2 and the M.Zuiko 14-42 Mk 1 kit lens. The bottom photo was taken with the E-3 and the same 12-60mm lens, when Olympus was new to me and I had a much better opinion of the company than I do now.

I played a bit with the top photo in Lightroom in an attempt to achieve a bit of a gloomy photo, especially when compared with the bright snapshot of when Perkins was open. The morning was overcast (a gift from tropical storm Lee), so I shot into where the sun would have been to take advantage of the dark and flat light. Then a little post processing to saturate the orange and red color channels, a little bit of black, vignetting the corners to darken the upper left sky, and voilĂ . A photographic masterpiece is born.


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