Microsoft may yet survive; OEMs will get their Vista fix after all

The Inquirer is reporting that Microsoft is set to ship Vista to its major OEM partners in time for Christmas. Imagine that. Earlier in the week we were entertained with stories about how 60% of Vista needs a rewrite, and how all the poor shivering OEMs were going to get nothing but lumps of coal in their stockings for Christmas 2006. I think what happened is that the retail version of Vista, which has to support upgrading, has problems upgrading all those various versions of Windows that are still out there. OEM partners burn clean installs, and corporate users pretty much do the same (or they should).

I think that many folks seem to forget that Microsoft is in a lot more than just operating systems for desktops. There's the other major money maker, Office, and it has shipped on time. Yes, Office was slipped to February 2007 to coincide with the retail release of Vista. Big deal. Oh. And a clue to the clowns who think Balmer should leave. Balmer's not going anywhere. But you just might.


  1. Clowns? Sure, he might not be going anywhere but he damn well should. Everything about the MS leadership is just broken. Look at monkey-boy Ballmer dancing around stage (many argue he's just snorted something), is THAT the face of a company that has it's affairs in order?

    I know the sort of man(ager) Ballmer is. Driven purely by bottom-line and watching that line on the graph stay in a sky-rocketing color of green.

    Make no mistake: it's Microsoft's marketing practices and their bastardisation of standards that have them at the top, NOT their prowess (or lack thereof) in developing "quality" software.

    Anyway, without going on too much of a tangent... yes, the sudden change of plans does reek a bit but come on, calling the commenters on mini-msft "clowns" for wanting Ballmer out of there..... be realistic. Ballmer is the clown.

  2. Balmer won't be leaving until he's good and ready because he is the annoited right hand of His High Holiness, the Reverend Billy Gates. That, and the fact he has very deep financial roots into the company.

    I just think the whole thing's silly. I have no use for any part of Microsoft, from it's elitist attitude towards who should be hired to managements attitude towards its "partners" in the Windows "ecosystem." The entire company needs an enema.

    I'm waiting for Robert Cringely's announced article on Microsoft over the next several weeks. In his last article, he wrote towards the end:

    "I'm working on another story on Microsoft's (lack of) character that's far bigger and more disturbing than this and loaded with real facts. It might be ready for next week or may still need a bit more work, but it's coming soon. And it will be shocking."


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