Sometimes Beauty Is In Your Own Backyard

Orchid Tree


I'm learning how to better use the Sigma 19mm and 30mm E-mount lenses with the Sony NEX-5N. Both of these were taken with the 30mm in the late afternoon sun. The 30mm was stopped down to f/5.6. In spite of the aperture the backgrounds are still quite pleasantly out-of-focus. I guess if I'd wanted to I could have opened up the lens to its maximum of f/2.8 and made the backgrounds even more blurred. Maybe. I could have stopped down to f.8. Next time I'll try that.


  1. Very very nice ones, Bill. And these photos show that it's "Always look for the light first", and that you know that. Lenses? Well yes those Sigmas are nice, and they're a bargain as well. But the real sensation is the light, as always...

    1. It's always about the light. The Sigmas truly are artist's lenses, even if they aren't officially so now. I even like the way they flair (and they do flair, but wonderfully). More to follow...


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