Back in the lab

Originally published October 22, 2006

After watching the prices of Vex equipment drop to half price or less all during the summer months ($149 for the Vex Robotics Design System, for example), I picked up enough hardware to build 3 1/2 independent square bots. What was missing for a complete forth is another Vex controller and radio receiver. I'll have to go back to the Vex site and probably pay full price for the components, unless I break down and buy a forth Robotics Design System.

But I did have three controllers, so I finally found the courage to take the cover off of one and see what's inside.

The controller has a pair of 18F8250 micro-controllers. Considering what's on the board and what it does, I find it quite clean in its layout and design (at least in my humble opinion). Plenty of nifty things to hack!


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