The Trip

Daughter #2 deep in thought
Molly the guard cat
This weekend was another world-wind trip, from Orlando to Gainesville to Tallahassee on Saturday and then back home again today. We hired the same house sitter we'd used on our road trip so that we could leave the Labs and make as efficient use off our limited travel time as possible; that means very few stops along the way and thus the shortest travel times possible.

The biggest amount of work was in Tallahassee. We transported a queen-sized bed purchased at the Orlando IKEA up to daughter #2. To get it there I had to put down the right back seat and push the front passenger seat up as far as possible. There was enough room to put everything in. My wife and I sat on the driver side. In spite of all that material loaded in the Prius, we still managed 52MPG, which is more than double what the much older Kia Sedona van was able to get when it was brand new. Granted, the van was much larger, and had a much larger engine (3.5L vs the Prius' 1.8L engine), but times have certainly changed in our lives and the Prius is the right vehicle for our lifestyle and the way our adult children are now scattered about. Even if we were somehow starting over again with children, I'm not so sure I wouldn't purchase the Prius (or even the Prius v) over any conventional van. Gasoline has gotten too expensive to allow for such waste anymore, and it will only get more expensive, especially as we now start to travel more.

My wife and I have made a mutual promise to one another to really get out of the house and begin to travel the world as much as possible. One day one of us is going to wake up without the other. I don't want that moment to come with the regret of not having spent enough time together to add to all the other regrets that always come at such a moment. So we plan and we travel and we photograph what catches our interest. My wife now has her own camera, the Panasonic DMC TS20, the camera that was baptized at Niagara Falls on our road trip. While most of these photos will continue to be taken by me, I will begin to slip her photos in, given her permission to do so of course. It's going to be interesting.


  1. That sounds like a good plan Bill. And very nice photos as well. Greetings to all of you.

  2. Thank you and greetings to you as well, Wolfgang.


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