Road Trip, Day 7

We went back this morning to the Corning Museum of Glass. While there we watched two more shows, one of them this flame demonstration. This is the kind of glass artistry you used to see at many malls, responsible for all the little glass sculptures, the real-life glass menageries. What I most liked about this demonstration was the running commentary the glass artist gave, explaining what each step was for and why the step was needed. She created a little penguin figurine. The other demonstration she gave was how glass broke and why. While interesting, breaking glass is something that even I can do (although more by accident than anything else).

We also spent time walking through the museum and the shop. I enjoyed looking at some of the contemporary pieces. If I'd had the whole day I would have spent it there.
Evening Dress with Shawl, Karen LaMonte, Corning Museum of Glass
Vase with Vegetal Forms, Federal Republic of Germany, Frauenau, Corning Museum of Glass
Circular Object One, Daniel Clayman, Corning Museum of Glass
We left Corning NY right before noon, and spent the next six hours driving through New Your, through Buffalo, across the Peace Bridge into Canada, and around the western end of Lake Ontario to Toronto. What struck us as odd (out of many odd things driving through New York state) was the sign at the edge of Buffalo proclaiming Buffalo "A Real American City." I guess that's to keep folks from mistakenly thinking that Buffalo is part of Canada. I hate to break it to Buffalo, but I don't think Canadians want Buffalo as a part of Canada. Not when they have a city like Toronto. More about that tomorrow.


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