Out in the middle of Nowhere, Florida

On a billboard sitting next to Baseline Road/State Road 35, just north of the intersection with E. Fort King Road near Ocala Florida stands this blatant monument to Canadian imperialism. A billboard with the National Flag of Canada. I don't know who this Lamar individual is, but he needs to be found and stopped. I'm surprised the local Romney-fearing Tea Party activists haven't found this and replaced it with a genuine American flag. Perhaps now that they're been alerted, they can do something to remove this from our sacred Florida and American soil.


  1. "[T]his Lamar individual needs to be found and stopped."


    (And the nefarious Canadians appear to be stealing your solar energy, too!)

  2. I'm pretty sure that Lamar is an outdoor advertizing company. They have billboards all over central Texas where I live. I'm a bit confused by the Canadian Maple Leaf, though. What are they trying to sell, or what message are they trying to convey? Maybe it makes sense to Canadians, but I just don't get it...


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