Revisiting Toronto - 8 September 2012

These photos were taken two weeks and a day ago, on Saturday, 8 September, the first full day I was in Toronto. I was guided by Matthew that day, walking around the part of the city he lives in and knows so well. It's impossible to learn where another person lives in just a day. And so I documented as much as I could, to capture a minute number of the infinite urban scenes with all its colors and textures and lighting that kept unfolding around me.

This part of the day occurred after the rainy morning and mid-day. By the early afternoon the skies had cleared into a magnificent blue, with small dense clouds moving rapidly across the sky. Sometimes you'd find a view with the clouds backing the urban landscape, and sometimes the skies were nearly clear. Regardless it was all part of the personal sensorium. I scrambled to capture those views that kept grabbing my attention, whatever and where-ever they happened to turn up.
Matthew and I ended our Saturday walk-about at Chapters before we turned and headed back where my car was parked. We stayed long enough to grab something to drink, hook into the local WiFi hotspot to check email and messages on my smartphone, then turned and headed back. On the way back to the Prius the clouds gathered again and we got rained on a bit more. Somehow we all managed to not melt, and my modest little camera managed to survive as well.

One lesson out of many I learned that day was to use one camera and one lens. So I used the E-PL2 with the 14-42mm kit zoom.


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