Kitten on a Leash

Kitten Leashed
Mollie (a.k.a. Rocket) has grown a bit since the last time I saw her. She's up to ten pounds. She's also been "trained" to handle being outdoor on a special leash. The leash consists of a special harness that fits around the upper body; one strap around the body behind the front legs and the second around the body at the front of the legs, with a connecting strap parallel with the spine and a second parallel with the brisket. It seemed to work, although I was warned that Mollie hadn't learned she could somehow get out of the harness. Regardless of the danger of Mollie getting free, the harness and attached lead managed to help maintain control on a rather active ten pound cat.

On this particular outing Mollie immediately went into a stalking mode and went slinking and jinking towards a group of azaleas at the side of my daughter's place. I'm not sure what she was after, but she sure was intent on getting whatever it was she thought she was stalking.
Kitten Prowl
I will say this much. That little cat can move fast. That's why she had the informal name of Rocket before Megs settled on Mollie as a more dignified cat name. And she sure has a mind of her own. I had more photos of the back of her head than just about any other pose I could grab. I blame my own slow reflexes more than the camera. All our house cats are slower, or more measured in their actions (probably the same thing). I just didn't know quite what to anticipate with this little character.


Olympus E-PL2 and Leica 25mm. Note to self: learn to anticipate activity better.


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