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It's a Wonderful Life

Sky Bat
The title comes rather round-a-bout from a Warehouse 13 episode that was a riff off of the Frank Capra movie. That's enough of a clue to figure out the episode. I wasn't watching so much as listening, as I'd seen the episode already. My wife was watching the episode after we'd gotten back from supper out. It was fajita Wednesday at Don Pablo's. It's one of the few low calorie, healthy meals you can eat out.

Summer monsoon season here in central Florida means afternoon showers and spectacular sunsets. We didn't get rain on our neighborhood today but we certainly got our share of spectacular sunset. I'd been entranced by the skies both headed to supper and headed home from supper. Right before the sunlight darkens completely there are a few moments where the clouds are lit with spectacular color against purpling skies. Right when I drove up into our driveway was when that moment occurred. I stepped out with my camera and caught these two views looking up towards the west.
Ruby and Max Repose
Before we went out, I came home early enough to sit in my favorite recliner and rested for a while. The Labs will use any excuse to rest as well, as you can see from Ruby and Max in our little TV room who are resting in air conditioned comfort on the cool tile floor. Summer monsoon season in Florida means activity early in the morning when it's cool, or much later after the sun has gone down and either a storm has passed or the temperature has dropped a bit. But during the heat of the day, from noon until early afternoon, the heat and humidity build to the point where activity diminishes. Us humans can wear hats to keep the sun and heat off and hydrate on a regular basis, but Labs (and dogs in general), not so much.
Precinct 128
Yesterday was Primary Tuesday. When I went to vote around 9am (rather late in the morning), I was the only voter at our polling (128) that includes Bay Hill (home to the Bay Hill Classic) and half of Sand Lake Hills where I live. This is what depressed me more than anything else. I certainly have issues with the Republican party, most especially the Tea Party, but it pales in comparison with the absolute disgust I hold towards those who will not vote, regardless of their political affiliation, who will not execute their civic duty to at least participate in our democracy and exercise their right to vote. A right that has been paid for by the blood of patriots. From what I've read less than one in five bothered to vote. I guess the four in five that didn't vote are saving up their energy for the November election.

I'm blessed to live in a nation that gives me the right to vote, that gives me a safe society free from the kind of bloody strife I read about all too often over half of the world, and gives me the luxury of time and plenty of food to eat in which two thirds go to sleep hungry. And to do something as simple as look up and appreciate the profound beauty of a sunset.


I used the E-PL1 in all these photos. The sunset photos and the Don Pablo's photo were taken with the Panasonic 20mm. The Labs were taken with the M.Zuiko 17mm. I've taken to using the 17mm at f/4, adjusting shutter and ISO to keep it there. The polling place was taken with the Panasonic 14mm.

The sunset photos were pretty much stock out of the camera. Everything else had only slight adjustments (highlights primarily to get back some detail). The E-PL1 is the Merry Poppins of ยต4:3rds; practically perfect in every way.


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