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Can't Tell The Players Without A Scorecard: Florida Politics 2012 - UPDATED

I decided to go back and tweak my Florida congressional table today after reading about the latest idiocy of U.S. Representative Allen West, republican representing the 22nd district. That's because in my original table I had Allen West in Orlando, which mortified me no end. But then I noticed I had three representatives in Orlando, which made no sense, so I started to visit every representative's website as well as look for an overall Florida congressional district map. And I'm glad I found the overall map, because I was able to finally determine, once and for all, that I live in the 8th congressional district. You'd have thought I'd have figured that out after living here since 1984, but apparently not.

The original table was built from what is now a single questionable source, especially the city they representatives are supposed to live in. I've adjusted the table by going to each representative's website to verify and adding their district and closest representative city in that district. My district is distinctively marked (Daniel Webster, 8th). By the way, click on the link to the Florida congressional district map. You talk about gerrymandering. Orlando is split up between four districts (3, 7, 8, and 24). But for sheer shenanigans I don't think you can find anything more convoluted and complicated than West Palm down to Miami.

Florida Representation as of February 2012
Governor, Federal Senators and Representatives Only
NameElected OfficeParty Affiliation
Rick ScottGovernorRepublican
Jennifer CarrollLieutenant GovernorRepublican
Bill Nelson Sr.SenateDemocrat
Marco RubioSenateRepublican
Sandy AdamsHouse (24th/Oviedo)Republican
Gus BilirakisHouse (9th/Palm Harbor)Republican
Corrine BrownHouse (3rd/Jacksonville)Democrat
Vern BuchananHouse (13th/Sarasota)Republican
Kathy CastorHouse (11th/Tampa)Democrat
Ander CrenshawHouse (4th/Jacksonville)Republican
Ted DeutchHouse (19th/Boca Raton)Democrat
Mario Diaz-BalartHouse (21st/Hialeah)Republican
Alcee Hastings Sr.House (23rd/Ft. Lauderdale)Democrat
Connie Mach IVHouse (14th/Ft. Myers)Republican
John MicaHouse (7th/Maitland)Republican
Jeff MillerHouse (1st/Pensacola)Republican
Richard NugentHouse (5th/Brooksville)Republican
Bill PoseyHouse (15th/Rockledge)Republican
David RiveraHouse (25th/Miami)Republican
Thomas J. RooneyHouse (16th/Tequesta)Republican
Ileana Ros-LehtinenHouse (18th/Miami)Republican
Dennis RossHouse (12th/Lakeland)Republican
Steve SoutherlandHouse (2nd/Panama City)Republican
Cliff StearnsHouse (6th/Ocala)Republican
Debbie Wasserman SchultzHouse (20th/Weston)Democrat
Daniel WebsterHouse (8th/Winter Garden)Republican
Allen WestHouse (22nd/Fort Lauderdale)Republican
Frederica WilsonHouse (17th/Miami)Democrat
C. W. Bill YoungHouse (10th/Indian Rocks Beach)Republican


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