A Day of Restful Work

Good News For Once

Sunday might be a day of rest for some, but for me it's just another day of work at home. Weekends are never long enough to do work around the house. These past few weekends have been taken up with raking all the oak leaves from all the oaks around the house. It's my third time raking around the yard this season, starting back in late December. Right now I've got a dozen 44 gallon bags full of leaves for Wednesday pickup, and if I have time after work this next Monday and Tuesday, I'll probably fill another half dozen or so.

There were other little chores to do around the house that meant a trip to a local Home Depot to pick up spare parts to fix those things that needed fixing. As I walked in the main entrance I saw this large sign hanging over the front, a sign I haven't seen for quite some time: "Now Hiring." It seems to fit in with a general pickup in people's fortunes around the area. All those hoses in my neighborhood that've been up for sale or rent are suddenly all filled. So if the local housing market is ticking up then I can see support businesses, like Home Depot, ticking up as well.

19-fifty-something Olds 98

After picking up my parts I spied this nineteen fifty-something Olds 98 parked at the edge of the lot. Since I've been photographing 2012 model cars for the past couple of weekends I thought it would be a nice change take a few quick photos of a model built in the mid-twentieth century, when Detroit reigned supreme. This particular car is in need of some serious love, with pronounced rust over the chrome. The left front quarter panel has been replaced and/or repainted, as you can see by the sheen of the paint compared to the hood.

19-fifty-something Olds 98 Hood Ornaments

It's always interesting to look at the hood ornaments of cars from that period. The car designers in this instance were trying to invoke speed and power via the simplified jet with matching contrails molded into the metal hood as it flew over the simplified world on the front of the hood.

Parts is Parts

I needed parts from Home Depot to fix an open clothes cart that we use to move dirty clothes from one end of the house out to the washer/dryer. We've had those carts for years now. This past week a cotter pin just fell out of one end of one of the axles causing the front wheels to came off. I picked up a new set of cotter pins and a complete set of 3/8" washers and rebuilt that whole front end. I was surprised how cheap the original washers and cotter pins were, so it looks like I'll be rebuilding both carts with new washers and cotter pins all over.

In other news I'm close to finishing reading a book and preparing to write a review of it. This is a book about LED lighting written by a photographer out in Austin Texas. I was supposed to be well finished by now, but I like to read a good book slowly, savoring it and re-reading sections just to make sure I fully understand the material. This book has the added benefit of excellent photography. I love to look at good photography. But I will be finished Real Soon Now.


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