The Evening Light (Downtown)

Evening Colors
It's been a very busy start to the year.Get up early, straighten up the house a bit before a breakfast, shower, and the morning commute (sometimes I skip breakfast, which is bad). Work all day, then start on the commute home. Because it's winter the sun hasn't come up when I leave in the morning and it's already pretty well down when I leave for the evening. Tonight, knowing I was going to be getting home late because I needed to stop by the store, I pulled off downtown and grabbed about 15 minutes of shutter therapy time.
Dr. Phillips Art Center Construction

It was already pretty dark down in the building canyon, with the sunlight just touching the higher structures like the upper cranes. I come to document the Dr. Phillips Art Center construction because this is probably as close as I'll ever get to seeing the interior. It's going to be a playground for folks far richer than I'll ever be.
Dr. Phillips Art Center Construction


Using the Olympus E-M5 with the Leica 25mm at the top and the M.Zuiko 45mm on the last two. The E-M5's operation has been fluid and flawless. It's so easy to switch into various operating modes. I tend to switch from aperture preferred to full manual, especially when I'm in high-contrast lighting situations. I can set proper exposure for one area in manual mode and then just compose around as I see fit. And I can see the results on the screen. I think I've heard it called pre-chimping. I love that aspect of this camera.

Biggest complaint so far is I keep undoing the battery cover to pull out the SDXC card, just like on all my other Pens, instead of opening up the side. One day I'll learn without thinking, again.


  1. Wow pretty nice results Bill! Those skies are just awesome. And about that battery cover: after using those Pens for a while, on the E-520 I've found myself removing the tripod quick release from the bottom to get to the CF card... ;-) But yesterday when taking that 'Doc Brown' photo, the camera stayed on the tripod while I was chimping on my computer screen. Having wireless or some kind of tethered mode would be great...


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