Faster Than A Speeding Limit

Faster than a Speeding Limit
State Law Enforcement speeder, license plate FWC 3849, on the 408 east-bound
It's been a long time since law enforcement types really caught my attention enough that I wanted a photo of them so I could write about their antics. This morning, someone driving a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission truck ( decided to drive like a real asshole down the 408 east-bound on up 417 northbound. I first picked them up at the 408/I-4 interchange where they started to tailgate me, staying on my bumper up to the 436 exit. Then they whipped past me and continued on at a rather high rate, with me following them until I had to get off at 417 and University. I kept the vehicle in site by trailing the vehicle at a more reasonable distance than they'd used with me. The entire time we were traveling together at 75mph and faster.

I wouldn't say much except I get tired of seeing blue light specials by the side of the 408 or 417 or I-4, where they've pulled someone over, ostensibly for speeding. This morning the roads were absolutely clear of police while Mr. State Law Enforcement blew on down the road. Of course, I can't prove anything since I couldn't include the Prius' speedometer reading along with the vehicle. But trust me when I say that together as I was pacing him we both were a good 20MPH and more over the posted speed limit of 55 on the 408. This isn't the first time I've had to dodge speeding officers who were traveling at a high rate, just for the hell of it. I guess speed limits don't apply to the folks that enforce them, or are supposed to set a decent example by following them. At least not in Orlando.


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