Russell Microcap to remove SCOX

It couldn't have happened to a nicer company. SCOX (The SCO Group), those fine folks from Lindon, Utah, who think that the Linux-using world owes them billions because they happen to own the tattered remains of Unix, will be dropped from the Russell Microcap come June 22nd. This follows SCOX's stock-price drop to below $1 from mid-March until late May of this year. Then the price shot above $1 on some wild speculation in the market as well as what appears to be some fairly heavy dumping of institutional investors. The SCOX stock price now appears to be on the way back down. Whether it will go back below $1 remains to be seen, but today's near 10% drop, in conjunction with the Russell news, doesn't appear to be mere coincidence. I look forward to seeing SCOX slide back below $1 and into NASDAQ capital listing non-compliance. Followed by bankruptcy. Followed by oblivion.


  1. I also happen to know of another company, that believes the Linux community owes them, not only the bath water but the baby in side as well, I wonder if the same fate will befall them as well, oh we can only hope can't we...


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