"I still think GPLv2 is simply the better license."

You'd think by now that the FSF would be working as hard as reasonably possible to assuage the concerns (if not the ego) of Linus Torvalds with regards to the GPL V3. But in an email exchange on lkml Linus made the critical observation that is the title of this post.

Linus further opined:
I consider dual-licensing unlikely (and technically quite hard), but at least _possible_ in theory. I have yet to see any actual *reasons* for licensing under the GPLv3, though. All I've heard are shrill voices about "tivoization" (which I expressly think is ok) and panicked worries about Novell-MS (which seems way overblown, and quite frankly, the argument seems to not so much be about the Novell deal, as about an excuse to push the GPLv3). [emphasis mine]
Yeah, you'd think the fine folks at the FSF would work very hard to win over one of open source's Most Important Developers. But they're too busy in their shrilling and panicking to really think straight.


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