Suse 10.2, part 11: Playing YouTube trailers

Once again, just enthusing about the obvious for the rest of the computing world. This time, it's a YouTube video showcasing many of the new features of World Wind 1.4. I haven't had time to download and try out the latest World Wind release, but it looks quite tasty. And it's written in .Net 2.0. The .Net 2.0 release was finished by an open source crew using the free-as-in-beer Visual Studio Express. Here's a sad commentary:
So what is so great about 1.4? First of all it is written using .NET 2.0 which allows for some cool new features but more importantly, thanks to Microsoft allowing developers to use visual C# express for free we were able to easily increase the development team, who simply could not afford to purchase visual studio.

I'd also like to point out that the audio portion of every multimedia clip and movie I've played actually sounds better under Suse 10.2 on this old hardware than it does under Windows XP. I know that's highly subjective, but that's what it comes down to a lot of time. That's a far cry from Suse 10.2's inability to even use the audio on my Gateway M685 notebook. The difference? The system where audio works is using nVidia's nForce 2 chipset, while the Gateway is using Intel's 975 mobile chipset. It's a shame they don't make nForce 2 chips any more.


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