The phishers are at it again

I've been getting a lot of Fifth Third Bank "urgent notifications" lately about "security issues" addressed to my Google mail account.. Most of them I just toss into my phishing examples folder for later analysis, but this one I just had to pass along.
Dear Fifth Third bank business or commercial customer,

Customer Service Department of the Fifth Third bank [sic] is in a position to let you know that it is necessary to pass the procedure of acknowledgement of your client data. In order to pick up all the necessary instructions and to start the procedure, you should click the link in the end of the letter. This procedure is obligatory for performance for all the business and commercial clients of the Fifth Third bank [sic].
This instruction has been sent to all business and commercial clients of the Fifth Third bank and is obligatory to be followed up.
To start the procedure of acknowledgement of your personal client data please use this link:

[link to bogus site redacted]

We appreciate your cooperation with us and apologize for the inconvenience brought.
I typed this in by hand because the spammers have been sending spam out as GIF attachments in the vain hope that doing this will somehow bypass the spam filters. Google's spam filters have never been fooled by this tactic, and I hope they never are. As I typed I carefully checked it to make sure I didn't introduce any spelling or grammatical errors. I'm hoping that the spammer who wrote this word salad is a non-English speaker. If this was written by someone here in America then we are in sad shape.


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