Washington trip

I went to Washington the last full week of October to QualNet training. QualNet is a network simulation tool produced by Scalable Network Technologies. QualNet is used on our program already; as lead architect, I thought it a good idea to learn how to use the tool to drive out a better set of requirements for future iterations, as well as learn how to use it for current development.

While there I was 'entertained' by three other members of the program; John Chludzinski, Bob Hall, and Josh Auzins. John was there with me for the training, while Bob and Josh were there to present a paper at the business track that ran in parallel with the training. Thursday evening we had a really good dinner and guest speaker. Before the festivities Lucinda Brown, tireless and long-suffering Scalable Network Technologies Director of Marketing, was handing out some most excellent swag; knit shirts in white and cyan and insulated hot drink cups. The following photo is greedy John attempting to steal one shirt too many from poor long-suffering Lucinda.

From left to right: John, Bob, Josh, and Lucinda.


  1. Do my eyes deceive me, or is my oldest big brother growing a beard? :)

  2. Yes, you need to have your eyes examined. I'm not in the picture because I'm taking it.


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