Firefox vs. Opera visual quality on SLED 10

I was working on SLED 10 this morning, and decided to compare the visual quality of Firefox 1.5 vs. Opera 9.1. This is SLED 10 AMD64 binaries. What I discovered is that Opera has noticeably inferior text rendering compared to Firefox's. The screen shot below has Firefox above with Opera below, looking at the same page at the same time. Both are running on the Gnome desktop.


  1. With Opera, you may have to turn on anti-aliased fonts in the preferences. It is a raw Qt application, so it doesn't integrate preferences with the rest of your desktop environment.

    As far as Firefox is concerned, I strongly recommend trying the new Firefox 2.0. There are 3rd party SuSE package sources that will provide it, without you having to wait for the next major version of SuSE. Firefox 2.0 does improve the "look-and-feel" in addition to its other additional features.


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