New Nokia 330 is Linux-less

With all the chatter about the supposed Nokia 870/880 came the announcement of the Nokia 330. The 330 looks to provide GPS navigation (the image to the right shows this) as well as multimedia capabilities (MP3 audio, DivX movies, and photos). But its primary function appears to be as a GPS navigational aid for drivers.

It should be noted that the 330 does not use Linux. As quoted from the linked article:
Dr. Jaaksi said, "Nokia 330 is not an internet tablet -- nor it is a connected device. It has nothing to do with the 770. It is a stand-alone navigation device... [and] has a proprietary OS. No Linux."
In a way the lack of Linux on other Nokia devices such as the 330 doesn't surprise me. The creation of quality applications for the 770 has been less than spectacular, due in no small part to the complex development environment required to create deployable applications (via Debian's deb package format).

I've had experience writing for similar devices, specifically the Palm-based Handspring and the Windows Mobile-based Axim 5. It was very straight-forward to just create the application and move it up to either device - under Windows. I still find it amazing that I could download a version of GCC, along with the necessary header files for Palm OS, that allowed me to write applications in C and execute them on my Palm-powered Handspring PDA. Six years ago. In 2000. And that technique was already established long before I got involved.



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