The New Year Arrives

New Years came quietly in my small part of the world. Yes, Universal and Disney had their 10 minutes of fireworks at midnight and I watched some if it, but for the most part I read or worked on an endless list of errands around the house. Even my two teen-age daughters decided to stay home and watch the partying on TV before hitting the sack. I slept in this morning until around 9, then got up and did more putzing around the house. The Labs were lazing about more than usual (that's Max on the right airing out his package).

The gaps between the postings are growing greater and greater. It's hard to write well, and it's even harder to write something, anything, that is unique and worth somebody's time. The problem is due to my lack of professional talent and experience as well as the continuing onslaught of literally everybody and their relative blogging away.

I'm going to limit my posting to technical issues. I've been living for five months now with SuSE Linux 10 on my notebook. I've been keeping up (more or less) with NetBeans, and it continues to improve. There's been an interesting update to the visual development tool for Eclipse that I need to look at, and see how it compares with Matisse.

Oh well. If I write, will anybody even notice?


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