I wanna Robotis

I've been a hobbyist roboticist since I was a kid (along with building Heathkits and other electronic gadgets from Radio Shack parts packs). In those early days I always had to satisfy that itch with little or no money. As a consequence most of my 'robots' tended to look like little more than animated junk. But that was the past, and the present allows me to spend a little more cash on very complete robot kits such as the Robotis Robot Kits.

I just read about Robotis on The Inquirer. Generally I don't give links to The Inq on general principals, but this time it was too hard to resist. According the The Inq, the kits come in two versions with price tags of $350 and $900. I think I would actually spring for the $900 kit myself. After all, I'm the same guy who plays with his Lego Mindstorms kit as well as the Vex Robotics Design System. According to The Inq the kits are not for sale in the U.S. I can hardly wait for them to go on sale.


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