Maybe I won't be buying Apple

Just when I finally felt comfortable with Apple, and after I enthused about how I was ready to buy an Apple Intel system if only it was available, now comes this report off of Slashdot that the Intel version of Mac OS X is using TCPA/TPM DRM. In fact it turns out, via Slashdot, that there is at least one Wiki devoted to MacOS X on Intel called OSx86.

The primary reason for DRM at this point seems to be to keep the Mactel version of OS X from booting on anything other than a legitimate Apple Intel system. As if that's really going to stop the hard core from running the system on anything other than an Apple Intel system. The sad thing is that I would actually pay good money to buy Apple OS X for Intel from Apple. Limiting my purchasing choices to just Apple and Microsoft for a moment, I am far more inclined to give my money to Apple than I am to Microsoft. Right now. But if Apple keeps this up, I will more than likely run a hacked version of Apple OS X for Intel, provided from some other source. I'll try to keep it legal buy purchasing my own copy and applying the hacks myself. Ah well. Let's just wait and see what the future really brings us.


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