Blogspot messing with me again

I like to use images with my posts, especially my technical posts. And the images I like to use are PNG. Most of my images are screen captures that I edit and save with The Gimp on Windows XP. Unfortunately, when I upload the images using "Add Image" feature that was just added to blogspot, blogspot converts my PNGs to lossy jpegs. Very lossy jpegs. For some images this isn't a problem. For technical images where I'm trying to show some specific detail, it's a disaster. I just realized this was happening from an email comment. I'm now looking to host my images on some other service, such as Flickr, and then link back to them. I know that blogspot is free and that the conversion of PNG to jpeg is to save server space, so I shouldn't gripe, I guess. But I am working to fix all the jpeg corruptions, and I hope to have it in place by the weekend.


Well I just tried out Flickr, and it's worse than blogspot. Not only are they converted to jpeg but they're cut down in size as well. Suggestions as to what to do now are welcome.


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