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my psychedelic lucy

More phrivolous phun with photography.

I named Lucy after Lucy van Pelt (from Peanuts, because of her attitude) and Lucy (in the Sky with Diamonds). The Olympus Key Line filter gives me a little psychedelica mixed with a cartoon-like line drawing effect. Perfect for Lucy and mixing metaphors this late morning.

I've been asked to "explain myself" as to why I took this photo. So here goes...
  1. People take themselves too seriously with photography. Whether it's putting down the cell phone photographer with their Instagram app or screaming that the only way to make Good Photography is with Expensive Full Frame gear, there are too many amateurs taking themselves too seriously and spending way too much money. I like to explore, to goof around. You learn more that way.
  2. I liked all the warm reds and pinks that popped out of the photo with the use of the Key Line art filter. Especially Lucy's pink nose. The red behind her head and the light orange from where the sun shone through her ears  helped to tied everything together.
  3. I like the way a lot of detail just dropped out of the photo where it wasn't needed, and stayed where I wanted it around Lucy's eyes.
  4. It's fun. I needed a humor break. And my blog did, too.
Olympus E-M5 using Key Line art filter and M.Zuiko 45mm wide open, SooC.

I'll start photographing more dour subjects next week. I promise.


How's this for dour? Spooky? Scary?

a darker character
zombie cat

Same setup, using the Gentle Sepia art filter. Not sure what's so gentle about it, looks a little hard. Whatever. Besides, if the cats are going to lay about all day then they can earn their keep as subjects for my demented photography.


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