samsung charitably helps olympus sell cameras

Rumor has it that the kit price of the Samsung Galaxy NX mirrorless camera will be a rather lofty US$1,700. (Body-only is a measly $100 less).

Yes, a rather lofty $1,700.

What do you get for your hard-earned 1,700 simoleons? Along with the body you see above you get the Samsung incomparably made precision 18-55mm kit lens, the Samsung made 20.3 MP APS-C sensor (not all that bad, really, but one of many APS-C sensors competing in a crowded space, especially when compared against Sony's nearly invincible offerings), and the fabulously fabulous Android Jelly Bean 4.2 (nearly one year old, not the latest and freshest 4.3 JWR66Y build), with WiFi, Bluetooth 4, and 3G/4G LTE connectivity, all delivered to you through a 4 inch-plus screen that runs across the entire back of the body.

I've been wanting (some) wireless connectivity, and I've been wanting (something like) Android in a camera for a while now, but this particular implementation isn't exactly what I had in mind. Right now I can tether certain cameras from those Other Brands to my cell phone (a Samsung Galaxy S4) via WiFi and an Android app that then uses my existing cell phone wireless connectivity infrastructure (AT&T in this case) to push my exceedingly lovely photos up to the social cloudscape. There is, however, a problem with this picture (pun intended).

Most folks already have a cell phone. Folks who might consider purchasing this particular camera probably already have a smart phone with a rather rich data plan. Buying this phone is like buying and carrying a second cell phone. Except it won't make calls (unless Skype is installed, I think (you need a mike and speaker). If I had to blow $1,700 on a camera, I'd rather blow $1,700 on a Real Camera, not a freakish hybrid like the Galaxy NX. You know, like the upcoming Olympus E-M1. Or the just-released Olympus E-P5, or the just-released Panasonic GX7. Or even (heaven forfend) the new released Canon 70D.

Don't get me wrong, I love Sammy. I have a Galaxy S4 through AT&T, a Sammy Series 7 Chronos 17.3" notebook, a Sammy 44" LCD TV, and a Sammy Blueray player that also shows Netflix (and other streaming services). I have no shortage of expensive, premium Sammy devices. But the price and design of the Galaxy NX is a step or two too far in the wrong directions, both price and design wise.

No, I think I'll pass on the Galaxy NX. By-the-way, you should check out the video at Engadget, especially where the reporter is trying to use the camera around that big fat touch screen on the back.



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