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rail and water

Sometime early tomorrow morning around oh-dark-thirty, I'm going to get up, pile into my rental with my luggage and my cameras and drive back to SEA-TAC for a twelve hour flight back to Orlando, via a connecting flight in DFW. This trip has been a true business trip; a lot of time devoted to the job, with little left over for the pursuit of personal enjoyment. For me, personal enjoyment means getting out and exploring and documenting what catches my eye.

Today was the first full day I wasn't on the task, as it had ended 24 hours ago. I wanted to plan a big day of driving and exploring, but I got up late and felt tired. So, instead, I ate a late breakfast, piled in the rental with my cameras, and sort of meandered up towards the harbor area and Steilacoom.

When I got to the area around Steilacoom I felt more like just walking around and enjoying the mystical border between land and water than doing anything of significance. I grabbed a few snaps, but nothing to set the world on fire. Just small little moments in time, a number of them subconsciously pointing towards my taking a long trip. I do want to come back to Seattle, and I hope it's sometime in the near future. And most significantly I hope it's a trip devoted to personal travel. But if it isn't that's OK. After all I need this job to pay the bills and buy camera gear. Until the next time, if there is a next time, good bye and thank you all for your hospitality.

steilacoom II
harbor transportation
front yard garden
floral studies
walking the gang

Everything taken with the Olympus E-M5 and M.Zuiko 45mm.


  1. Good photos and narrative. The last photo in particular really stood out as one taken with the 45mm.

  2. Thank you. The primes combined with the E-M5 make for a potent yet compact photography system. The E-M5 stokes my passion for photography when I'm out with it.


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