iPod Touch: Upgrade to iPhone OS 2.2

As has been noted ad nauseam across the blogosphere, Apple released iPhone OS 2.2 last Friday to its millions of iPhone and iPod Touch users. Out of all the features and fixes that came out with version 2.2, the one I was most interested in had to do with fixes to Safari. Up until Friday I could count on crashing the browser at least once/week. And the NYTimes application would crash once/day. But as of the update on Friday there have been absolute zero crashes in either application. None. Zip. Nada. The only problem was with Webmonkey. While it didn't cause Safari to crash, it locked the application and the Touch up so that I had to reset the device to get control back. Fortunately when I went back to the application it remembered the site I was on before going to Webmonkey, otherwise I'd have been right back at a bad situation. I've played a bit with Safari Settings, but there doesn't appear to be any way to set Safari to a blank page. There's some ominous Reset Settings which might solve such a hypothetical problem, but I'm not in the mood to try them out and see what happens. So for now I just stay away from Webmonkey. And so far I've not found any other site that causes the Webmonkey Lockup.

As I said my iPod Touch runs flawlessly and fast. It's running rock solid; so rock solid as to be almost boring. And boring, in this case, is good.


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