iPod Touch: Too good to last

Leave to the Gremlins of Small Devices to make a fool out of me. In the last post I stated that the new iPhone OS 2.2 was "rock solid." Wrong. Last night I picked up a new Nova video podcast, "Smart Bridges", and attempted to play it. And it crashed my Touch. I eventually got it to play, but the repeatable crash scenario is this: Play "Smart Bridges" first and it plays fine. Play it after any other video podcast and it crashes my Touch. Play any other combination of video podcasts that doesn't include "Smart Bridges" and they all play fine.

I've never seen this behavior before, and I've never had anything that caused the Touch to crash back to the Apple boot logo like this does. So whatever is happening it's either a regression under 2.2 or it's been there all along and I just happened to hit a corner condition. Lucky me.


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