Ubuntu 7.10 RC: Still won't boot completely on algol (UPDATED)

Algol is my dual core (Core Duo) notebook with the nVidia GeForce Go 7800 adapter. I already have openSUSE 10.2 running on the notebook, and running at the full 1680 x 1050 resolution. But when Ubuntu 7.10 boots on this machine I get the black screen of death. I can still get to a text console and check that the OS is running, but there is no graphic desktop. This problem isn't limited to Ubuntu, Fedora 8 Beta 3 (7.92) has it as well. Older versions of these distributions boot just fine on algol, but something with the newer ones is causing a problem, and I'm pretty sure that something is the 3D graphics eye candy that everyone is so hell-bent to push.

I am, in a word, pissed.

Update Friday 10/12

Well, leave it to me to shoot my mouth off without checking all the possible boot capabilities. Booting in safe graphics mode (second selection on the initial boot menu) allowed RC1 to boot into a graphics desktop at 1280 x 1024. This was enough to post this update as well as check out other needed features. Of course that's a long way from a successful installation, but at least it works. So the solution to at least boot on algol is to boot in safe graphics mode.


  1. Bill, This does surprise me. The developers must have a virtual code freeze in place by now! This looks like a fundemental flaw. I hope it is fixed. I will probably be ok on my old bucket of bolts. Its poor result from a self-proclaimed high-flying distro.
    hope you get it sorted.

  2. yeah, i've seen this in newer versions of various distributions. personally, i don't need all the fancy graphics so i usually disable it. of course, if you can't get a graphic display at all, well, that could be a problem. definitely sounds like a serious issue that needs looking into.


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