If you were a computer programmer like Bill here...

Here I am, a long, long way away in time from 1975 and the IMSAI 8080. All I ever aspired to do was write some interesting software on what I thought at the time was the absolute epitome of cybernetic technology. And truth be told, gaze in lust on those fabulous front-mounted panel switches and watch those awesome blinkin' red LEDs. I thought I had arrived and that it could get no better than that. It was a very simple and wonderfully naive time. No Bill Gates and Micro-Soft. No Novell. No Linux (but Unix was out there). Funny, but I never did log into WOPR. Oh well.


  1. You would still have the original intact Radio Electronics Magazine.....

    Like I do.

  2. I did once. And then I got married, moved to Florida, and donated my early copies of Radio Electronics to a local group of scouts. This was in 1984. Time marches on.


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