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The horrors of Iraq

There are stories so horrific in nature that they rivet you to the spot in shock for seemingly timeless moments until the shock begins to wear off. One of those moments occurred today when reading a story about a five year old Baghdad boy who was doused in gasoline and then set on fire. And then seeing the pictures. An atrocity committed by adults.

I'm a Florida Democrat. Make no mistake; I despise the current administration. I despise the presidents smart-alec smirks, his choice of political chronies that help him dilute the powers of a Constitution he swore to uphold, his choice of staff members who help twist science to support a political agenda, to Karl Rove, one of the dirtiest political operatives to ply his trade in Washington for quite some time. And come 2008 I will work to sweep the trash of the Bush administration from Washington, to replace it with someone more qualified, regardless of political party.

But I have never doubted the need to invade Afghanistan nor Iraq. My belief may waver from time to time, but not this time. And not any more. The people who live in that part of the world, who could conceive of this act, let alone commit it, are no longer a people deserving of any consideration or respect as members of the human race. They are not even animals, for even animals, as vicious as they may get, can't hold a candle to such sadistic and evil acts committed by such degraded human beings as these.

There's only one solution to this. Take the fight to those who harbor and commit such acts. Provide our troupes with the material, good leadership and support necessary to hunt them down and kill them all. No surrender. No prisoners. No acts of mercy. There will never be peace in this world until such evil is completely expunged from it. And we should never stop until they are all dead.


  1. Bill, your outrage is a testimont to your humanity. But the scars of someone deciding "They are not even animals", "hunt them down and kill them all. No surrender. No prisoners. No acts of mercy." are already shining out of that childs face. Beautiful aren't they.


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