Democrats live up to their party symbol

As a long suffering Florida Democrat, my party's antics never cease to amaze me. Take, for example, the current mess we find ourselves in. As this story illustrates we can find more ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of political victory than Carter's has little pills. So here's the deal. Florida's Republican controlled state legislature, in a fine show of political manipulation, has moved the date of the Florida primary to January 29, 2008. The national Democratic party, in a grand and glorious show of righteous indignation over the matter, have threatened to strip us of our delegates to the Democratic National Convention if the state Democratic party doesn't change the date to something later in the year, Right Now.

What part of "Republican controlled legislature" doesn't the DNC understand? What do we do in Florida, launch a coup on the state capital and hold the Republican Governor hostage until the Republican controlled state legislature capitulates to the national Democrat's demands? I think the Governor and the legislature would die laughing first, thus foiling the state Democrats in their attempt to take over the government and correct the date.

What's happening right now in Florida should forever lay to rest any questions as to why we Democrats have an ass as a party symbol.


  1. Hi Bill,

    As a UK Brit I do take an interest in US politics (I have NY Times summary emailed to me daily)
    I love your rants. They are the sound of common sense. I personally took delight in the departure of Mr Clean Gonzales this week. Lets hope he REMEMBERS to leave at the end of the month! He has forgotten so much.


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