Playing with Nasa's Java WorldWind on Suse

Geertjan has a really good first article on using Nasa's latest Java WorldWind client software wrapped up in a NetBean's project. Note that the client is a preview, but it's still quite usable to get started with. Geertjan looks to have used NetBeans 5.5. My project uses the following tools and environment:
  • NetBeans 6 Milestone 9
  • Java 1.6.0 Update 1
  • Suse 10.2
  • Latest ATI drivers (8.35.5 or later)
When I created my project I elected to start with the Java Desktop Application (New Project > General > Java Desktop Application). Most of what Geertjan specifies that you do is still correct under NB9, but there are some subtle differences which are easy to figure out. There is one (minor) issue to be aware of. When you want to drag and drop the WorldWindGLCanvas Bean onto the DemoFrame, you need to delete the central canvas that's already there. Once deleted, you then drag the WorldWind bean into its place.

This looks to be a really interesting tutorial series.


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