The Almighty Dollar (#666)

The Almighty DollarOrlando Diary

Saturday, 6:30pm, driving home after getting a haircut at a local WalMart, the thermometer on my Prius registered a toasty 100° Fahrenheit. It was so warm that even the Labs decided they'd rather stay in their air-conditioned home instead of taking an after-sundown walk. It just wasn't cool enough.

Today I had to run over to a local Lowe's and return a cheap and busted plastic exterior light fixture. I'd already replaced it with one made of metal, but I hadn't had time to take the busted one back until today.

It was another blazing hot day. I stopped at a local Burger King near the Lowe's on 50 to get a large diet Coke, heavy on the ice. The BK is across the street from the local über sized cross. I'd taken a picture of it back in March 2009, sitting behind a pile of bulldozed tree roots. I'd walked in to the BK to get my diet Coke My Way. On the way back out to the car I looked up and saw the perfect confluence of church, state, and the almighty dollar as exemplified by McDonald's.


I didn't realize it until I looked in Blogger's Dashboard, but this is blog entry six three-score and six, or 666, the mark of the beast. A special number indeed considering the subject and the date I wrote this.

Equipment Used
Olympus E-P2, Digital Zuiko 40-150 f/4-5.6 w/MMF-2 adapter.


  1. A late comment, but I really like these kind of photos. Irony of faith (which actually also is title of a wonderful comedy made during soviet time) creates some of the most thought provoking images.


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