Watching Orlando Unravel 7

What started this entry was the second failure, this year, of the former KFC store on University Blvd. The store was re-opened as a Chicken Lickin's franchise store in January (top left photo). Then last week, as I was driving down University towards UCF, I happened to look to my right and see that the store was closed down completely again (top left photo). This posting's collection of photos is from stores and businesses on University and around UCF, such as the Research Park. Why is this important? Because there are major defense contractors in the area (SAIC, Northrup Grumman, Raytheon...) as well as the Army and Navy contract houses. Gathered around a state university with well over 50,000 students. In short, a dynamo for economic activity.

Dead Again
Former KFC UCF
Krispy Kreme UCF 3
Bennigan's Grill & Tavern UCF
Fazoli's UCF
Chevron UCF
Research Park Empty Building
Research Park Empty Building
New empty building in Research Park
New empty building interior in Research Park

Identification of photos, from left to right, top to bottom:
  1. Current empty store that housed the former Chicken Lickin's on University (empty again);
  2. Former Chicken Lickin's in January 2009, getting ready to open;
  3. Former Krispy Kreme franchise location on University (still empty);
  4. Former Bennigan's franchise store on University (still empty);
  5. Former Fazoli's franchise on University (still empty);
  6. Former Chevron torn down, at the corner of University and Alafaya (still empty);
  7. Former Sun Microsystem's building in Research Park;
  8. A long, empty office block in Research Park (former occupants unknown);
  9. A brand new empty building in Research Park;
  10. Interior shot of that brand, new empty building in Research Park.
As for empty buildings in the various parks surrounding UCF, what I've shown barely scratches the surface in that area. Many of the buildings are only partially full, and there are smaller emptier buildings that aren't worth showing. Needless to say, the economy in Central Florida continues to drag on, with no reasonable end in sight. 2010 will mark the start of the third year in which the economy really started to implode here in Central Florida.

In my next entry, I'll show that a number of former out-of-business buildings are being filled, many of them with 'junk' businesses. Stay tuned.


  1. Great photography!

    It's always a reality check to see empty establishments. I always think about how at one time, these locations were probably pretty popular and had hundreds of people come through the front doors each day.

    Kinda makes you think.

    Anyways, keep up the good work.


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