I fulfilled my civic duty today when I reported for jury duty at the Orange County courthouse. I didn't serve on a jury; this makes the third consecutive time I've been called to jury duty without having really done anything except sit around and wait. This last time was the worst; I was called up to a courtroom with 29 others; during the initial questioning period the questioning was abruptly stopped, a side-bar was convened between the judge and all the lawyers, after which the judge dismissed us because a key witness could not make it. We all marched back downstairs to the jury assembly area; 45 minutes later we were dismissed for lunch.

I went back up to the parking deck and got my camera out, then started to walk down Orange Avenue looking for a bite to eat and something interesting to shoot. Here are six shots from that walk-about. Everything was taken with the E-3 and the 12-60mm. Post-processing was done in Lightroom 3 beta.
Downtown BikeDowntown Oak
JuxtaposeDowntown Mini Has Moved
The entire day was overcast, which made for interesting lighting. After lunch I went back to the jury assembly area, then sat there reading a book until 2:30pm, when we were dismissed for the day.

My tax dollars at work.


  1. Unlike you, I jump for joy and do the 'goalpost arms/down on bended knee' maneuver whenever that letter of request crosses my threshold. If they would call me twice a year, it would only be my honor. Now... I've not once been chosen, (perhaps because I am honest about my mistrust of most law enforcement entities which I 'know' are corrupt [I have data to back it up, if need be] but a good time is had by all when I'm in the interrogation room, and the 'workshift and lunchbreak hours' of my day job cannot come close to what I get when I am serving my 'duty'. Plus, I can walk to and from this 'job'. I just love it. I do hope one day to be chosen, though!


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