Watching Orlando Unravel 6

I haven't written one of my Orlando Unravels entries for some time now because it's too depressing and I've been very busy doing other things, like holding on to my job. So busy is good. In fact busy is wonderful.

I felt compelled to write another Unravels entry because today, while out picking up a few necessities with the wife, we happened to stop by a local Books-A-Million store. This particular store is at the corner of Lee Road and I-Drive (Kirkman/I-4 exit), in the same complex as Sweet Tomatoes. It used to be open four weeks ago. Today, when we drove up, the store was locked and completely empty. We had no idea they were going out of business, and there are absolutely no signs anywhere indicating where they might have moved if they moved. The only thing left is the store with the unbleached wall showing where the letters used to be.

That entire store block is empty now. That Books-A-Million was the last store in a block of stores that once contained a Micheal's Crafts and a big Hallmark Card's store.

Former Books-A-MillionEmpty Block
Universal EmptinessUniversal Emptiness Plaza
Finally Finished and EmptyEmpty and locked up

The photos are, going from left to right, top to bottom:
  • First row: former Books-A-Million on the left, the store block on the right.
  • Second row: Two views of a large empty office complex right behind Universal Studios, across the street from Dr. Phillips High School.
  • Third row: An office complex near my house at the corner of Della and Dr. Phillips, while on the right is another office/shopping complex across from Universal Studios on Vineland.
The economy is still in the pits. The unemployment rate is still climbing. And businesses, minor and major, are still closing their doors faster than they can open newer businesses to take their place.


  1. Another poignant reminder of how things really are for real people. To listen to political figures, you would think its nearly OK again. I fear the aftermath of this recession will stay with us for many years to come. Well documented Bill.


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