The Menagerie

We've got five animals in our house right now; three cats and two Labs. The cats are all rescues, as is one of the Labs. One of the Labs was purchased from a local breeder, something we haven't done since we were first married 25 years ago.

Peek-a-boo RubyBookendsEar Cleaning
Lulabelle Checking out the CompetitionSnugglesOne Tired Cat

The Labs are named Ruby and Max. The cats are Lulabelle, a common mackerel tabby, Ellipse, a long-hair mix, and Lucy, a mackerel mix with a lot of white. The Labs are buds and travel together constantly. The cats generally get along, but every once in a while there's the loud cries of two cats challenging one another. But mostly everybody gets along peacefully.

I love all the animals we have. I didn't go looking for the cats, they just started showing up about two years ago, first via my oldest daughter, and then a year later when Lucy literally walked in the front door. I didn't consider myself a cat person at the time, but I just didn't have the heart to say 'no'. The Labs and the cats mix together quite well, and two of them (Lulabelle and Ellipse) treat Ruby like a big cat (in the center lower picture Ellipse is cleaning Ruby's muzzle).

The animals extend and enrich my life. My family comes first, and I love them all equally, but the animals in the house further enrich my personal life. They won't live forever (I've already watched three Labs live out their lives with us), but I hope we have some animal in our household until we can no longer look after them, and I hope that day is still a long way off.


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