Politics as viewed from Florida

The Gift That Keeps On Giving.

Thank you John McCain.


Looks like the Senate passed the the $787 billion stimulus bill. It's now on its way to President Obama for his signature. At the risk of sounding too selfish and parochial, I hope there's enough in there to help with Florida's current $2.3 billion state budget deficit. Florida is currently in third place behind second place Georgia ($2.8 billion) and first place California ($13.8 billion). Additionally Florida's current unemployment rate stands at 8.1%, tied for eighth place with Georgia. And last but by no means least, Florida is #1 in foreclosures; the number of homes in foreclosure stands at 7.32%. So like I said, I hope a little stimulus love flows down to the Sunshine State.

Oh. I got my numbers from this interesting interactive CNNMoney.com Flash page titled "Where does your state rank?" Looks like Florida is pretty rank. A bit like dead-fish-killed-by-red-tide-been-in-the-sun-a-tad-too-long kind of rank.


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