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openSUSE 11.1

Just as I'd threatened to do a few posts back, I upgraded my openSUSE 11.1 installation's KDE desktop from 4.1.3 to 4.2. Upgrading was simple enough with a one-click link. However, once I completed the upgrade and installation of new packages I could not log out. I had to go to a terminal screen ([Ctrl][Alt][F1]), log in as root, and reboot the system. I could have probably just killed the X session, but but I figured I'd just nuke everything and come up completely clean.

Once it came back up the first thing I noticed was the complete change of desktop themes. Many are gone and those few that are left have changed. My favorite, Elegance, now has a very busy clock face. I really liked the ultra-simplicity of the clock in the older version. The default desktop theme is Aya, which is the first desktop capture you see below. The new Elegance follows.

A personal nit has been fixed. The Desktop panel scales and flows its contents the way you expect, and in real time as you resize it. This is a very nice change. The problem, however, is that after the update it was showing the contents of Home, not the Desktop folder. It took me a few minutes to discover that right clicking and selecting "Folder View Settings" brought up a dialog that allowed me to pick a radio button that showed the Desktop folder.

The Kickstart menu is more sluggish in operation under 4.2 than it was under 4.1.3. Not horribly, but it is noticeable. Maybe there is no change, but to save desktop real estate I changed the window decorations from Plastik back to Ozone.

Based on my initial experiences I expect cleanup point release updates to be coming out in fairly short order.

Olympus E-3

The new Christmas present still continues to impress. Olympus released a firmware update for the E-3 body, which I dutifully downloaded and re-programmed the E-3 with. I can't test the big changes until tomorrow, but it should make shooting action sequences with the 50-200mm a lot easier.


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