Future Ubuntu names

Inspired after reading the latest post on Linux Hater's (in the comments).
  • Jerking Jackass (9.04)
  • Kevlar Kiwi (9.10)
  • Lumbering Lama (10.04)
  • Masturbating Monkey (thanks Linus) (10.10)
  • Noxious Nematode (11.04)
  • Obese Ocelot (11.10)
  • Psychotic Panda or Paranoid Penguin or Pornographic Pony or Possessed Python or Perverted Porpoise or Plastic Pigeon or Polyester Platypus or Prickly Parakeet (12.04)
  • Quaking Quadruped (12.10)
  • Revolting Raven (13.04)
  • Spanking Squirrel (13.10)
  • Tyrannical Tapeworm (14.04)
  • Ululating Ungulate (14.10)
  • Vexatious Vervet (15.04)
  • Wanking Walrus (thanks again Linus) (15.10)
  • Xenophobic Xerus (16.04)
  • Yelling Yeti or Yodeling Yak (16.10)
  • Zealous Zebra (17.04)
So there you have it. Suitable suggestions for the rest of the series out to the beginning of 2017. At which point they'll have to start over again with the A's. Perhaps Antagonistic Aardvark...

Edit: Silly me, forgot the X's.


  1. Thanks for the laugh!

  2. "Psychotic" doesn't have a hard "P" sound, so it can't go with "Panda".

  3. It has to be an adjective, then an animal.

    Gutsy Gibbon
    Hardy Heron

  4. i'd suggest
    Lipstick Lion


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