Duct tape makes you smart.

I saw the first episode of Burn Notice on the USA network late last night, and I fell in love. Granted, it was shot last year (2007); as usual I'm always the last to find out about the good stuff. It was fast-paced with never a dull moment and filled with lots of humor.

The action started from the beginning, where we see freelance agent Micheal Weston (Jeffrey Donovan) get the crap kicked out of him when he can't transfer $750,000 into a Russian mobster's Swiss account in the middle of Nigeria, because a burn notice has been issued against him. Surprise, surprise, surprise! After the beating, as Micheal is being led out of the building where his beating took place, he tricks his two guards into leading him into a bathroom ("lots of hard surfaces") where he proceeds to beat the crap out of them. One thing quickly leads to another until he's back on a plane (yes, a prop-driven plane) headed back to his old home town of Miami and even more adventures with none other than his old buddy Sam Axe (Bruce Campbell).

The big reason I tuned into Burn Notice at all was because of Bruce Campbell. I've been watching Bruce since the first time I saw him in Evil Dead 2. From there I sort of tracked him through Darkman, Army of Darkness, Escape from L.A and all three Spiderman movies, as well as Brisco County Jr and the various episodes of Xena he appeared in. To me he's just fun to watch, especially as an ex-Navy SEAL. He's at his sarcastic best in this role.

Hard-core violence freaks won't appreciate this show. This isn't Miami Vice. There's too much humor and what blood and violence there is is incidental. The body count was a remarkable 0 in the first episode.

Best line (out of many good lines) and the title of this post:
I'll take a hardware store over a gun any day. Guns make you stupid. Better to fight your wars with duct tape. Duct tape makes you smart.
You need to see the episode to enjoy where and why this was spoken.


  1. GREAT series! Looking forward to the second season. If there is one...

    --Akshun J


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