Disabling Blogger backlinks to disable blog spam

I had to go into Blogger settings (Settings | Comments) and disable (Hide) back links. I got up this morning and went to check certain articles in my blog, and as I scrolled down to the bottom I noticed odd back links to stories that had no contextual link to the posts. Turned out that all of them pointed to a 'blog' somewhere in China that looked to be built from ripped-off content from other blogs. I started to remove them, one by one, until I hit one of my posts that had over a dozen of them. That's when I went into Settings and just disabled the feature. It's a real shame, too, because there are actually some good back links worth preserving. But the overwhelming majority seemed to be spam links to other bogus sites, so I just disabled the entire feature.

And as usual, Google shows I'm not the only one: Another Layer of Blog Spam: Backlinks. There are others, you can find them all yourself. But this guys comment at the end of his post gets to the point: retain tight control of every element of your weblog. If you don't then be assured someone else will.


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