ATI releases new video drivers, and I install them

Unable to leave well enough alone, I found out that ATI released new versions of its drivers today for all platforms including Linux. The latest version for Linux is, or 8.433. I followed the standard --buildpkg procedure and then installed the deb files.

The performance appears to be a tad better (a tad being about 5% faster, with smoother operation overall). I can enable more Compiz Fusion eye candy, but I can't run OpenGL applications or movies if Compiz Fusion (Appearance Preferences | Visual Effects) are enabled. I have noticed that playing movies, without Compiz enabled and using VLC as the player has cut CPU loading nearly in half compared to using 8.42.3. And with Visual Effects enabled, the desktop is really beginning to look nice.

Now, if it would just all start magically working together without one feature trampling on another. I still have the hard choice between desktop effects (Compiz) or OpenGL and smooth video playback, but not both.


  1. I'm running into the same exact problem. I just put together a new computer and did NOT heed the advice of so many threads that say to stay away from ATI video cards (I picked up a Radeon HD 2600 XT for just about $100 - great card besides the obvious limitations you went over in your post).

    I tried installing the restricted drivers included with Gutsy but couldn't get above 640x480 resolution. After following the instructions in the wiki article you included above I was able to get great resolution and perfect compiz performance - it looks beautiful.

    Trying to get my H.264 movie collection to play smoothly is the only issue now, and as you pointed out it's impossible to do with Compiz enabled. Hopefully we can find a workaround without having to disable compiz every time I want to watch a movie!

  2. it seems to be only xine video playback which won't work

    this latest version allows me to access the catalyst control center at last

  3. solved!

    this tutorial says how to fix it:
    (scroll down for totem-xine fix)


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